A Premium Line of Valves for the Chemical Industry

During chemical processing, the raw materials can be both physically and chemically transformed, by using large amounts of heat and energy. Eliminating product emissions is one of the most serious challenges for the process industry and consequently can be most costly to control. 

    • Refining – Habonim’s Dual-Safe DBB valves ensure the safe operation of furnaces, while high-pressure valves guarantee instant adaptability to changing pressures and temperature variations inherent in the distillation process. Habonim’s Metal Seated valves are uniquely suited for the elevated temperatures and pressures of hydro-cracking.
    • Transportation – Habonim’s standard valves with HermetiX™ Fire-Safe technology eliminate fugitive emissions during the transportation of petrochemicals.
    • Treatment – Habonim’s metal seated valves, as well as high pressure valves equipped with HermetiX™ Fire-Safe technology are used in raw material production.
    • Storage & Distribution – Habonim’s standard HermetiX™ Fire-Safe valves ensure optimum safety during storage and distribution of petrochemicals.