Safe and Reliable Flow Control - All the way

Ultra-reliable Fire-safe valves at all temperatures and pressure classes

The Oil and Gas industry is based on an un-comprising approach towards safety and reliability. Fully committed to this approach, Habonim’s delivers a ground-breaking industry standard with its HermetiX™-Fire Safe valves, Reaching no less than 500,000 cycles prior to any service requirement. This new industry bench-mark effectively eliminates any leakages from valve stems (or any other part for that matter) allowing a much safer and long-lasting service life of O&G facilities.

As a testament to their unique combination of safety and extreme long service life, HermetiX™-Fire Safe valves are fully certified to both fire safe standards (API 607/ISO 10497) as well as the strictest fugitive emission standards (API 641/ISO 15848-1).  

Due to its paramount importance to safety and reliability, the HermetiX™-Fire Safe configuration is included as a standard feature on all of Habonim’s fire safe valves, all sizes (from ½” to 16”), all temperatures of media (from cryogenic LNG, to HT refinery processes and any other medias in between) and all pressure classes (from #150 thru #2500).